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Can fit it into busy schedule
I have been using the 7seconds fitness regime for over six months. As a full time working mother, fitting my exercise in can be nearly impossible but I have found that the programmes and flexibility of 7seconds fitness are perfect for me. The results have exceeded the three hours a week of gym weight training I was doing, and my overall health and energy levels have improved. Highly recommended...

"Stronger with less workout time"
Static Contraction Training is awesome, I researched all the info on the site and the American one (the science just seems common sense!) before I decided to give it a go (you need an open mind - especially if you've been training with traditional weights for years like I had). I love the way I feel after a workout, its the same feeling I used to get after a 60-90min heavy weights session at the gym! And only takes 30mins! (including warming up), but without the soreness or stiffness the next day! And progress is so much easier to track! I know for a fact that I'm stronger with less, let me repeat LESS workout time than I used to do! I also eat well and do cardio to burn fat, but I no longer have to do long exhausting weight sessions! Trust me, you'll want to do it everyday (if it wasn't for the fact that, that would slow your progress). I love seeing the numbers to the nearest kilo of what I am capable, no more guessing and using dangerous weights. Try it for 3 months! Get a fat test, and change nothing else that you do and see how much muscle you put on! You've really got nothing to lose and lots of time saved from not having to be in the gym all day. I totally recommend Heide and Static Contraction Training.

7SECONDS Fitness helped my golf
I've enjoyed my first year with 7 Seconds. It's a focused programme based on proper research into how muscles work, and avoids a lot of time doing repetitions that really achieve nothing. On the basis of quite a small time commitment (less than an hour per week), my strength has steadily increased without any loss of flexibility, helping my golf and general well-being.

"7SECONDS Fitness works" - and it'll work for you, too!
7 Seconds of exercise to gain strength? Improve your strength from just one session per week? Yeah Right!
I approached the 7 Seconds gym concept with reasonable amount of skepticism but what I found was that with typical Teutonic efficiency, Heide has stripped away the BS from the conventional gym model and left behind just the bits that you actually need. After only five weeks of training and coupled to my own aerobic exercise programme, the 7 Second programme has made a noticeable difference to my overall strength and fitness. My km split times when running have improved; I have noticeably more stamina on the hills and I am really enjoying training both on the road and with Heide at the gym.

7 Seconds? It works for me!
GW, Service Manager

7SECONDS Fitness works: "I feel so great after this (7SECONDS Fitness training), I would like to do it every day!"
Mark Humphris, Production Manager

7SECONDS Fitness works: "Best gym equipment"
"I will be brief and blunt. The Static Contraction training equipment (used at 7SECONDS Fitness) is the best damn gym equipment I have ever seen or used in my entire life of 43 years. It is by far, by very very far the safest and easiest to use and has given me the quickest and easiest and best results of any strength and body building training equipment and method I've ever tried and I've tried many."
Michael Day, Lumpini Trading Company Ltd.

7SECONDS Fitness works too good...: "I got it myself"
"I started at 7SECONDS Fitness in October 2004, being referred by a friend. I was totally in disbelieve of the concept, came along to be nosy…. After I was introduced to the concept I was happy to try it for three months – and now, here we are: I was so impressed with the results, that I purchased my own piece of equipment! I would challenge anyone that feels the same scepticism that I did, head along to 7SECONDS Fitness, give it a try and feel the results for yourself!"
Pete Shuttleworth, Independent Marketing Executive

7SECONDS Fitness works even when you are in your 60s:
Congratulations to Heide Hoffmann of 7SECONDS Fitness for setting up a central Fitness Studio in Wellington for Busy People. The concept of "less is more" really appeals to me as in Natural Healing we use homoeopathy (the magic of the minimum dose) and also the Bowen technique or Fascial Kinetics (the homoeopathy of massage). My name is Jill Newman and I am a registered Naturopath with a business in Korokoro called the "Kowhai Clinic Rejuvenation Centre". I am in my 60s and know how important it is to maintain and even gain muscle. This can all be achieved easily and quickly with this "Explosive Fitness" training equipment (used by 7SECONDS Fitness), with a fantastic gain in minimum time, e.g. 30 minutes per week average. Check it out at www.7seconds.co.nz!
Jill Newman, Kowhai Clinic, Petone

Is it a fad - or is it real?
I am an active rugby player, but had to stop training for a year because of a knee injury. Just when I was ready to start training again I found out about 7SECONDS Fitness. I was pretty sure it's all just a fad, but as I had nothing to lose, I accepted to start training. The voice in the back of my mind very loudly said "You're wasting your time! That's a hell of a lot of crap!" But then.... I did the demo session, only chest and legs, and I was overwhelmed. Such a great feeling when using my muscles! I felt alive, energised! On the spot I signed up for the training, and each session exceeded my expectations. After 4 weeks, I was back on the rugby field, having got back my old level of fitness. I still couldn't believe it, in rugby we usually do weight lifting 4-5 times each week for a couple of hours hard out - and now I just trained one time per week for 10 minutes and had unbelievable gains! I went to a south island Maori rugby tourney last week and we won as well as I got in the tournament team. I felt really fit and strong and enjoyed playing again.I am a convert, no doubt about that! 7SECONDS Fitness has taught me that strength training has to be done less frequently, with very short high intensity workouts and controlled progressive overload - that's the method of the future, I am sure of that!
Tamaha MacDonald, Rugby Player

Success Coach Anthony Robbins……says this training is: "The cutting edge in bodybuilding [and] strength training that can show you - no matter what age you are - how you can produce the greatest result you ever thought possible in the shortest time." And: "Each of the 10 biomarkers of ageing – and the quality of each in our lives - is directly affected by strength training."

7SECONDS Fitness works!

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